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online pokies

Slot machines have many names. Modern European and American players call them slots, the British call them fruit machines, and experienced gamblers still use the expression “one-armed bandits. And in Australia, the machines are called pokies slots (pokies machines).

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The name “pokies” appeared in the course of the development of slot machines due to the distant similarity of the game on the machines with poker. The article gives interesting details about the origin of the Australian term and reveals the common features of the two most popular gambling entertainments.

What are Online Pokies

Australia Online Pokies are slot machines with different configurations and specifications. It is mistaken to think that pokies are a separate kind of machines with specific features. The concept includes the classic three-reel machines and the latest five-and nine-reel slots.

The term “pokies” appeared in the late nineteenth century. The first slot machine really are a lot of imitations of the famous card game:

  • The symbols on the reels were represented by cards from a standard deck;
  • Prizes were given for the formation of classic poker combinations;
  • The size of the reward was determined by the value of the fallen card combination.

These machines are the basis of the modern video poker. The slot machines themselves evolved in a different direction. The first push in the history of machines as a separate category of games gave Charles Fay, inventing the legendary slot machine Liberty Bell. The one-armed bandit used not only card suits, but also new symbols: horseshoes, stars, bells and sevens. So there were the first classic slot machines.

Later, when slot machines were banned, there were machines that offered chewing gum as a reward. These machines operated on the principle of slots: a coin was lowered into the slot, then it was necessary to pull a lever and set the drums in motion. When a combination of three identical fruit symbols appeared on the screen, the player gets a gum and exchanged it for money from the owner of the institution. Fruit machines were the ancestors of the modern fruit machines.

With the development of computer technology has increased the number of possible configurations, themes and functionalities of the slots.


Pokies are slot machines of various configurations and themes. Such entertainment is provided in land-based gambling halls and online venues. Modern machines are available as casino games and free demos, they are far removed from the first poker machines. The game features original symbols, new rules and additional features.

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