Dice strategy – how to win more and increase your winning chances

Dice strategy: tips and tricks when playing dice and common strategies

Dice is one of the most popular blockchain casino games. It is also one of the easiest games to learn. Everyone can start playing dice, regardless of the experience of gambling. A unique feature of this game is that the player can personally control risk and reward.

A huge benefit of the game is a low house edge. Despite the fact that everything depends on your luck in the dice, there is a short list of tricks and strategies that are used by both beginners and advanced players. In the next section, we will analyze the most popular dice strategy. It will be also useful for you to learn how to play dice online.

TOP dice betting strategies

Liar’s dice is a type of dice game for 2 or more people. The game will require you to cheat and calculate the enemy’s deception. Using our strategy, you will increase your chances of winning:

  1. Never play at a table with more than 6 players if you play for real money. The ideal option is 4 players. If you play for fun, then choose a table with the maximum number of players.
  2. Remember or write down other player’s quantity of dice. So, you can analyze their statements and know exactly whether they are bluffing or not. Also try to remember past statements of opponents to calculate whether someone at the table can be stronger in a certain type of dice.
  3. If you are the first player, then make a high statement, which cannot be doubted.
  4. When the dice cups are full, check the opponent’s dice. So, you can find out if they were bluffing during the round or not.
  5. Bluff wisely. Remember that when the cups are full, other players will be able to do the same and find out if you were bluffing or not. In the next round, your tricks will not work.

These are standard tips to help you while playing the liar’s dice.

Bitcoin Dice game strategy is another popular dice game among crypto casinos. The rules of the game are very simple. Each player chooses a number from 1 to 100, for example 54. After that, you bet that a number less than 54 or more than 54 will appear on the dice. After that, the dice will be thrown and you will receive a reward depending on the number.

There is the best Martingale Strategy, which is used by all advanced players. The dice strategy is that you begin to increase the bet with each loss. For example:

  1. You bet 20m฿ on a roll less than 50 and lose.
  2. You bet 40m฿ on a roll less than 50 and lose.
  3. You bet 80m฿ on a roll less than 50 and win.

In this case, your winnings will cover all previous losses and you will earn money.

Is it possible to cheat playing dice?

Unfortunately, you cannot cheat while playing online dice. The rules are clearly established by the casino, and you cannot use your dice either. For example, playing with friends, you can use your loaded dice, which will always give you the number you need.

In addition, with the help of sleight of hand, you can learn to throw two dice so that you always get a pair. You can find video tutorials on how to manipulate dice during a throw on YouTube or any other video hosting. But even so, it is better not to use cheating during games in a real casino, because you can be caught, fined and permanently barred from entering this casino. It’s better to use legal dice strategy while gambling. You always cheat at your own risk.

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