Dice game rules and the rules of online Dice Poker

Dice game rules for beginners

Nobody can answer the question about the number of different games of chance with dice. Dice game rules vary — for instance, they are absolutely different in Crazy 10000 Dice and 5 Roll Dice games.

10000 Dice game rules

According to 10000 Dice rules, the player should get ten thousand points. He can play with five or six dice as he likes. At least two are played, but there is no upper limit here. Here are the simple rules of this entertainment:

  • The dice are rolled in turn, all five dice are rolled. Only the numbers 1 and 5 score points. The 1 gives 100 points, the 5 gives 50 points. According to the 10000 Dice game rules, after throwing the player takes up all the dice again and it is his turn again.
  • As long as the player rolls at least a 1 or a 5 in his roll, he can keep going and add up points. He can end round at any time and save his points. As soon as the player makes a throw without 1 or 5, all points scored in this round are lost and the next one is his turn.
  • The first to have 10,000 or more points is the winner. However, all other players have one last attempt to score more points.

However, today players can adapt the rules and strategy of the dice game as they wish.

Poker 5 roll Dice rules

Many players like the game combo of Poker and Dice. These Five Roll Dice game rules might seem to be a bit complicated for the beginners, but when a player starts throwing dice, he will understand how Poker can be combined with this old board game.

Poker Dice is based on classic poker, but there are some special features that give the game its own appeal. Instead of cards, each player receives a set of 5 special poker dice, on which the card symbols from 9 to Ace are stamped. As with poker, there are betting rounds in which players can pay, call, surrender or raise. One can play Poker Dice with chips or money. If more than the 2 players want to participate they watch the game and can previously discuss the bet on a winner. The game duration is 5 rounds. The aim of the game is to try to roll the highest Poker combination.

Poker Dice — The Dice Combinations

These combinations count in ascending order:

    No combination (runtime)
  • 1 pair;
  • 2 pairs;
  • 3 of a Kind;
  • A sequence of the 5 consecutive values K-Q-J-10-9 (low sequence);
  • A sequence of the 5 consecutive values A-K-Q-J-10 (high sequence);
  • 3 of a Kind and 2 of a Kind (Full House);
  • 4 identical values, e.g. 4 tens (square);
  • 5 identical values, e.g. 5 Aces (Royal Flush).

Poker Dice rules also say that if both players roll the same combination, the other symbols next to the combination decide who wins.

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